We train former workshop participants in the HOM methodology so they may become co-facilitators and facilitators themselves

IHOM-NA’s workshop methodology utilizes large and small group interaction and uses art, music, and drama to evoke feelings about the past. Workshops culminate in a communal celebration or ritual devised by the participants themselves that encourages people to look towards the future with hope. The process is informed by the belief that healing trauma has a spiritual dimension, while at the same time the experience is non-sectarian. People of all religious convictions or none are welcome.

For further information on IHOM and the “Advanced to Healing of Memories” course please contact:

Fr. Michael Lapsley SSM - info@healingofmemories.co.za and Cc Clint Bowers organizationalsupport@healingofmemories.co.za / cbowers779@gmail.com