Healing of Memories Workshop

Healing of Memories Workshops

What is Healing of Memories?

What are Healing of Memories Workshops?

By exploring and acknowledging the emotional and spiritual wounds carried by individuals, communities and nations, Healing of Memories workshops help to break the destructive cycle of suffering, anger and violence that can disfigure societies. The workshops enable people from different ethnic groups, races, and faith traditions to reach a better understanding of themselves and each other.

Healing of Memories workshops are held in safe, secure venues and led by trained facilitators. We create a safe and sacred space in which participants can share painful experiences in a spiritual, yet non-sectarian atmosphere of deep listening and mutual respect. We seek to be fully inclusive and respectful of diversity.

When telling their stories, participants are encouraged to describe their situations in the context of the history of their countries and their families and ancestors. Connecting with others in relation to their distress, often for the first time, allows participants to move forward feeling unburdened, lighter, and empowered to find solutions to their problems.

IHOM-NA’s workshops are a respectful, safe space. We pose questions for personal reflection that catalyze participants’ ability to get in touch with their feelings and ideas of identity, agency, justice, peace, healing and reconciliation. The storytelling exercises and discussions raise consciousness of diverse experiences and challenges. We believe that when personal stories are heard and acknowledged, individuals feel healed and empowered. Through deep listening and meaningful sharing, human relationships can be transformed and restored.


“In our Healing of Memories work we have created a powerful method that honors people for their sacrifices and yet encourages them in the fullness of time to lay down their burdens and integrate pain into a new life. In this way none of us need remain imprisoned by the past, but we can become agents of the future, helping to shape and create a better world.”  —Father Michael Lapsley