Upcoming Healing of Memories Workshop

Church of the Crossroads, Honolulu

November 10-12, 2017, Fee $125, Scholarships available

Since 2010, Healing of Memories Workshops have been offered in Hawaii, usually twice annually, when Fr. Michael Lapsley visits the islands.Our goal is to develop the capacity to offer additional workshops as we train facilitators and lead facilitators in Hawaii. Participants have included church members, individuals in substance abuse treatment, women in a furlough program from prison, veterans and university students and faculty.

During his visits to Hawaii, Fr. Michael has preached at UCC and Methodist and Episcopal churches, including Cathedral of St. Andrew where he also delivered an endowed lecture. He has visited the Womenʻs Community Correctional Center twice to bring healing of Memories concepts to the women. Fr. Michael has worked with students at the Buddhist Academy of the Pacific, and in 2014 spent two weeks with students for elementary through high school at Iolani School.

IHOM-NA also sponsors community forums. Recent topics have included Hawaiian Sovereignty and the Churchʻs Role in Resisting Oppression.


Linda Rich, DCSW, LSW, CSAC lives in Honolulu where she LindaRich_150x150enjoys the cultural diversity and the beauty of Hawaii.She currently serves as Chair of IHOM-NAʻs board of directors and is the Regional Coordinator for IHOM-NA’s work in Hawaii.She has been a facilitator since 2009. Lindaʻs undergraduate degree is in religion and she has a masterʻs degree in social work.She grew up in the South during the Civil Rights movement, is a survivor of childhood trauma, and served with the American Red Cross in military hospitals in Viet Nam for 18 months.These experiences all led her to seek ways to work for peace, justice, and healing and to a career in social work.

She has had both clinical and administrative roles in mental health and substance abuse treatment and has served on numerous task forces and committees related to domestic violence, improving behavioral health services, homelessness, and peace and justice. She finds joy in singing and dancing hula, walking by the ocean, and being with friends and family. Linda is a member of Church of the Crossroads, a Just Peace, Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.



Father Michael Lapsley and students at the Iolani School in Honolulu

Father Michael Lapsley and students at the Iolani School in Honolulu