Particpant Feedback

“This was a transformation.”

“I was empowered to view life as positive, to move ahead and not let the past overpower me.”

“I am hopeful.”

“I’ve been to many workshops before but have never put my story together before. I did it here. Thank you.”

“Illuminative. The power that exists in people.”

“I waited 24 years to tell this story.”

“Very restorative.”

“I found the experience cultivated a deep sense of empathy in me that was unexpected and profound. I also feel that telling my “story in such a safe space and witnessing others’ stories shifted something inside me and connected me in a way that felt genuine and deep.”

“Sound blueprint.”

“I feel I am part of the human race again.”

“Renewed possibilities.”

“I have such a new insight and new perception on life.”

“A clear track.”

“I learned the technique of purging old memories of negative experiences and in the results having the ability of growing in the good in my heart, mind and soul.”

“A new perspective on healing.”

“This showed me a relief route.”